Weekly Groups Meeting at Hope

Please email or call the church if you have questions about the groups listed below.

Prayer Night

Tuesdays, 7 to 8 p.m.

Join together on Tuesday evenings to pray.
All are welcome!

The Chosen Series

We’re taking a break for the summer. Please stay tuned for start up info this fall.

We invite you to come together to watch The Chosen, an amazing series about the life of Christ. 
The evening will include watching and discussing an episode each week, as well as snacks and fellowship!

Why Gather in Small Groups?

  • To discover community, find fellowship and accountability, experience the freedom to share, and affirm our individual gifts with one another and be challenged in maturity and responsibility.
  • To strengthen the body through mutual exhortation so that we all will be encouraged to love and good deeds as we walk together to freedom, encourage one another and build each other up to go into our world.